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Cara McDonald 

CEO & Founder

Years of experience:
  So. Many.

Education: Double Bachelor's degree from University of Oregon - English and Journalism
MBA from University of Massachusetts

Pronouns:  she/her

Walkup song: "Good as Hell" by Lizzo


Describe your role at Content Matterz:

Coach, advocate, cheerleader, partner, strategist, and all-around content nerd.

Give us some background; why are you here, now:
I started this company because I wanted to be part of a team that works together to put fun, creative, and useful stuff into the world. With a long (let's not talk about how long) history working at Northwest software and service companies, I felt I and my team could bring so much value as a partner to help busy marketers find more success and less burnout in their roles

What’s a fun fact that makes you, you?
I have only three states left to go before I've been to all 50 -- who's up for a roadtrip??.


What do you enjoy doing outside of your 9-to-5?
Just in case I don't get enough writing at work, I write fiction for fun (and someday profit?), I enjoy lifting heavy things at the gym, listening to (and obsessing over) Lizzo, hiking with my reluctant teens, running all over to so many youth soccer games, and TRAVEL!

What/who inspires your life?
There are so MANY! Lizzo because she's changing beauty standards every single day, Serena Williams because she's the GOAT and she owns it, and my grandmother who taught me to be bold and that it's ok to swear a little.

What motivates you to do what you do here, and how do you contribute to the client experience
The biggest compliment any client can give is that we made them look good. And as I watch my team deliver amazing work that makes their clients' days, I'm doubly proud. 


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