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HubSpot for
Content Matterz clients

Stop making content soup.


For us, creating an amazing piece of content is so exciting! It’s clever, and clear and hits exactly the right note. We just can’t wait to share it with our clients. But we also recognize that great content only matters when it hits the right buyer at the right point in their buying journey. Too often, we see excellent content delivered poorly. Where does it end up? In a mish-mash of content soup. Don’t make your customers wade through content soup! 

HubSpot helps marketing teams deliver the right content at the right time. Whether you're pursuing an ABM strategy or you just want a way to deliver higher quality leads to your sales team, HubSpot helps you do that. We partner with HubSpot so you can supercharge your content marketing. As a Content Matterz client, our team of HubSpot experts can help you with:

  • Being your advocate through the purchase process (as HubSpot partners, we know the ropes and can negotiate on your behalf)
  • HubSpot implementation and customization
  • Email nurture programs
  • Automated content marketing workflows
  • Social media content management
  • Website and landing page development
  • Integrations through HubSpot apps
  • Support and service throughout your marketing cycle
  • Valuable reporting that provides actionable insights

Creating remarkable content is what we do—all day, every day. We want to get your content out of the soup pot and in front of your customer at exactly the right time. HubSpot does just that.


Ready to serve up more fresh, targeted content?  

Fill out the first steps form and we will reach out to discuss how we can make it happen with HubSpot. It’s our favorite tool for streamlined, super-focused content delivery.


Questions about our HubSpot Solutions Provider Partnership?

We have answers.


What is the benefit of working with Content Matterz to purchase and implement HubSpot? Can’t we just do it ourselves?

Most time-strapped marketers feel that adding software implementation tasks to their to-do list is distracting and unnecessary. Our team is trained and ready to tackle the implementation and customization of your HubSpot platform. We start the process by listening to your goals and challenges, investigating your existing assets, and putting together a tailored plan for your HubSpot implementation. We share only the necessary steps and information with your team. The rest is handled behind the scenes, so you can focus on higher value taks. Once your platform is ready, we can roll out impactful content marketing campaigns right away.

What is so magical about HubSpot integrations? 

One of the most powerful things about HubSpot is that it integrates seamlessly with many popular marketing tools and apps that you probably use everyday. When these tools are strung together through a central Hub, they become ever more powerful. You gain deeper insight and enjoy a seamless workflow throughout your entire marketing universe. The HubSpot Marketplace offers 500+ apps with integrations. Nothing else connects your entire ecosystem like HubSpot. Our team can integrate your apps so everything just works, like magic!

How does your partnership with HubSpot benefit my company? 

As a HubSpot Solutions Partner, we offer our clients benefits they wouldn’t normally enjoy as a an independent HubSpot customer, like: 

  • Waived HubSpot onboarding fees
  • Access to a team with a high level of HubSpot competence and certifications 
  • Ongoing support to solve challenges and evolve your business
  • A tailored solution from experts who know which features you need and which you don’t
  • Customized reports and metrics to illustrate how your marketing efforts are going

Are there any benefits after implementation?

Once you are up and running on HubSpot we can handle the day-to-day operations, or just jump in when you need us. If you run into stumbling blocks along the way, it’s our job to remove them. If you need customized reports, we can create them. There’s no middleman between your HubSpot people and your content marketing people and campaigns are streamlined from concept to delivery. 


How our HubSpot implementation process works


1. Account Setup

We’ll get your team set up in HubSpot, configure your preferences, turn on your analytics and make sure data is flowing into your system.

2. Technical Configurations

We’ll explore which integrations will help you make the most of your HubSpot account and streamline your workflow.

3. Marketing and Sales Connection

We’ll share best practices and processes to align your marketing and sales teams. We’ll also work with you to set up automations that help you efficiently and effectively convert leads to customers.

4. Reporting and Insights

We’ll set up your dashboards and reporting so you can track activity and unlock opportunities to boost your marketing ROI.

5. Content and Promotions

We’ll identify opportunities to improve – or add to – your existing content and promotions in order to drive more leads to your business and convert them to customers. Then we can develop the good stuff, get it into HubSpot, and publish it, or we can hand you the reigns and let you take it from there.


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