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Why should you create a business podcast?

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Living in an age of such technological advances, it is no wonder that there are now more tools and mediums than ever for marketers to promote their messages.  

One such advancement is the rise of podcasts. These digital clips, often presented as episodes in a series, are starting to see a lot of lift in the business space. In fact, Smallbizgenius research states that “39% of small and medium size business owners are podcast users.” 

So, why should you choose to elevate your marketing strategy and business with a podcast?

  1. Builds a more personal connection

A podcast allows you to add a more personal touch to this marketing tactic. The information you present will be coming straight from the mouth of your experts and to the ears of an interested audience. 

      2. It is a way to bring in more long form content 

One decision that will need to be made is the length of each episode, and if you’d like to do a series. Either way, these options present the opportunity to dive into different content, and lots of it. 

      3. You can be more conversational 

A podcast is a more human way to build brand and talk through different aspects of your business. It can still be professional; it just doesn’t have to be as formal. 

      4. It increases interaction 

There is a lot of opportunity to promote interaction with a podcast, whether it be answering questions and concerns or inviting clients on to talk about their experience. This can even be a way to highlight and chat with your partners. 

     5. Gain another touch point 

It is well known in marketing that getting your name and product out there is key. At the end of the day a podcast is just another way to be visible. 

     6. They are easy to create

With the available technology these days, producing a podcast is easier than ever. This article by HubSpot talks through all of the best podcast creation tools. 

So, why not give podcasts a try?

Whether you are still unsure if a podcast is right for you or you are ready to get started, ContentMatterz is here to help. We’d love to help you plan, create scripts, and even produce your podcast.