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Whoops! Forgot that automated campaign was running…

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I know marketers are busy creating campaigns and brand messaging around COVID-19. I also know there is someone out there that needs to hear this: Have you checked in on your automated marketing programs lately?

Revisit content, timelines and imagery for the current situation

Brand appearance is very important right now, which means some of those drip and/or nurture campaigns you set a while back may need some adjustments. Otherwise you run the risk of looking insensitive or just plain out of touch.

Case in point, I received an email from my dentist this week letting me know I need to make an appointment for a teeth cleaning. However, there was no mention of how the office was handling the coronavirus on the email, the website or social media. The email was obviously an automated campaign that was set to go out so many months after my last appointment, and it doesn’t put my dentist in the best light. On the other hand, my children’s dentist has sent emails addressing the crisis, their concern for their patients’ health and how they are handling current state directives.

Bottom line: Don’t be like my dentist!

A few items to consider for automated campaigns

  • Content – Read through the current language being used and edit where is necessary. For example, if you are offering an in-person demo, unless you are planning on standing 6 feet apart, that really isn’t possible. Update your offer to be an online demo, and let the sales team know of the change.
  • Imagery – With social distancing, now is probably not the best time to show images of groups of people standing close together. Swap out those images to be more in-line with the times.
  • Timelines – Timing is everything, right? Review the timelines, offer deadlines, etc. to ensure what you are doing and saying makes sense for what is currently happening.
  • Audiences– It might not be a bad idea to revisit who you are targeting on some of these campaigns, and if your current goals and strategy still apply. For example, if healthcare is one of your target markets, now probably isn’t the time to share anything that’s not helping them deal with the current crisis.
  • Social media posts – Check in on your scheduled social media posts. Often times, those are created in advance, and you want to ensure something isn’t going out that will make you look insensitive.

Taking a moment to step back and review and adjust current automated campaigns will make a difference in how your brand will be viewed during this time of crisis.