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10 benefits of repurposing content

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We want to let you in on a major marketing life-hack: content repurposing. This is the process of taking existing content and turning it into a different format – say, turning a whitepaper into a series of blog posts, or turning a webinar into a social media campaign. It’s a money and time saver for content creators, but it’s also a tried-and-true way to extend the reach of your content.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of content repurposing:

1. Save your time and money

You have a million and one things to do today, but only a few hours to get it done. In fact, according to Asana’s 2021 Anatomy of Work Index, 60% of marketers say their time is spent on low-value or unnecessary tasks, including searching for information. Instead of wracking your brain for new content ideas, focus on getting the content you already have into the hands of more people by switching up the format. And as they say, time is money!

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2. Get found organically

There were 4.57 billion internet users worldwide in 2020, and getting their attention takes some skill. Publishing more content boosts your online presence and can improve your SEO. With more content, search engines are more likely to view your website as a credible and valuable source for users. This means you’re more likely to rise in the ranks and end up in the top search results.

3. Beat writer’s block

Creative juice running low? We’ve all been there. And yet unfortunately, we can’t afford a kink in the content machine. Get things flowing by starting somewhere familiar and see where it takes you.

4. Reinforce your message

Marketing’s Rule of 7 says your customer needs to hear your message seven (!) times before they buy. Be a rule follower. Get your message out in new ways by repurposing content so it can sink in over time. Social media marketing is a great way to hit that magic number because you can take tons of bite-sized pieces of content out of your original piece.

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5. Reach new audiences

Cue the voice of your Marketing 101 professor telling you to “meet your audience where they are.” Repurpose content for different mediums (blogs, social media, podcasts, webinars, etc.) so your audience can get what they need in the places they’re already looking.

6. Diversify your content

Not everyone learns in the same way or from the same source (see #5), but they all need to hear a consistent message from your brand (see #4). Offering your content in different formats will help you achieve these goals and make your brand more dynamic.

7. Extend what’s working

Got a piece of content with off-the-charts results? Don’t reinvent the wheel – take it and run with it. Content repurposing also lets you breathe new life into old successes by presenting it to your customers in a new format. Just make sure to update any outdated statistics, add in any new material you’ve created that’s appropriate to the piece, and make sure it’s answering a question that’s still relevant to your buyer personas.

8. Cover the buyer’s journey

One long-form piece of content can be repurposed into multiple, smaller pieces of content that target each of the buyer stages. Social media posts and blogs can be great for those in the awareness stage. An email campaign or landing page might be best for those in the consideration stage. Finally, a relatable case study can reel them into the decision stage.

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9. Unify your sales and marketing teams

Get everyone marching to the beat of the same content drum. When your sales and marketing teams are both focused on the same message, you’ll build camaraderie while delivering a strong, unified campaign to your customers.

10. Refine your process

Practice makes perfect! Even if your team is a well-oiled machine, it’s always good to reinforce your process for content ideation, generation, and publishing. A good content repurposing exercise lets you put your versatility to the test and iron out any kinks across the broad spectrum of content types and platforms that you deploy for your marketing efforts.

You put a lot of thought, heart, and resources into creating content for your brand. If you’re not utilizing content repurposing, though, you’re not getting the maximum value out of it. Take a look at your existing content and identify a few pieces that could lend themselves to repurposing. These are the ones that have already been crushing the SEO game, serving your customer needs, and helping you meet your marketing goals. Then give repurposing a ‘go’ and reap these benefits for your brand!

Need some help? Put us to work! Content repurposing is our jam. We’ll work with you to identify, develop, and distribute killer content – just say the word.