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How to repurpose conference marketing content

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Congratulations! You’ve put together an incredible conference with stellar turnout. After all that hard work, you’re ready to kick back and toast to a job well done. Not so fast…

After your event is over, there are still ample opportunities to generate engaging content for your audience. From blog posts to social media content to post-event surveys, the event marketing options are endless! The best part is, you already have existing content to work with, so all you need to do is repurpose it into a new format. Doing so will save you from having to reinvent the wheel to generate new marketing content, while still reinforcing your messaging. 

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Below, we share 8 ideas for turning the content from your conference or event into lead nurturing, demand generating, marketing magic. 

8 ways to repurpose your conference or event content into new marketing material


1. Write a recap blog post

Publish a rundown of highlights from your event on your blog. Include the names and contact information of speakers so attendees can reach out. Consider also including a reel of photos from the event, or of top tweets or social posts generated from your event hashtag. People love to spot themselves in those, so expect to get some good engagement on your recap!

2. Share a “best of” blog post

Collect the most quotable nuggets from your speakers and publish them as a “best insights that came out of this conference” blog post. If possible, include a link to a recording of the presentation that each quote came from so people can dive deeper into that insight if they are interested.

3. Share quotes over social media

Capitalize further on those quotes by sharing them on Twitter or other social channels. Keep using your event hashtag and make sure to attribute the quote to the speaker with tags. They will then be more inclined to share your posts with their audiences, which will help boost engagement.

4. Turn a webinar or talk into a blog post

Take your most impactful webinar or talk and republish the content as a blog post. Include any visuals, like charts or diagrams, in your post as well. While you may not have event video live on your site long-term, a blog post can serve as more evergreen content that continues to attract potential customers to your site.

5. Gather the most interesting stats for an infographic

Infographics are super shareable, which can be great for SEO and for expanding your reach. Attendees may want to grab this information-rich piece of content to share with their teams. Other blogs and websites may also choose to republish your infographic, which will help you attract backlinks (which boosts your website authority, which in turn helps you rank higher in search results).

6. Share a slide deck

Some conference presentations lend themselves wonderfully to educational content. If you held any informational sessions that walked through best practices or methodologies, consider sharing them as a resource on your website or in a blog post. 

Leaders that attended your conference may find them valuable to share with their teams. Other folks may use them to remind themselves of the lessons learned at your conference a few months from now. Additionally, non-attendees may come across your page through a search engine, as educational content tends to perform well organically.

7. Use photos to promote future events

Take advantage of the energy and enthusiasm around your recent event to get folks on board for what comes next. Use photos or video from your event to showcase how much fun attendees had and include registration information or teasers for your next conference or event.

8. Showcase success to your partners

After your event is over, don’t forget to share metrics of success to your sponsors or partners. Share things like event attendance, social media engagement, and more to incentivize your partners to sign on for future events with your organization. Bonus: include video or photos of their product or brand being showcased at your event in the content you share!

Start marketing your event now

Whether you’ve just wrapped up a big event or are starting to plan your next one, there’s always something to be working on when it comes to event marketing. Conferences, summits, and celebrations are content-rich opportunities, so make sure you’re taking advantage of them before, during, and after the event. 

Need some help? Marketing teams are often overwhelmed by event marketing, so it can be beneficial to bring in an external partner to support your efforts. We’d love to be that partner. Contact us today to see how we can help you strategize, create, and repurpose content for your next event.