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Monday matters: 10 steps to super productivity

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Rise and shine it’s Monday morning! And today I’m feeling perky and I’m feeling like this is going to be a super productive week. You know when you have one of those days when everything is just clicking and you’re uber-productive? Yep, that’s going to be every day this week. Who’s with me?

So here goes, this is my step-by-step plan for super-productivity week:

1. Get some coffee (always number one on my to-do list).

2. Do not open your email (yet).

3. Start by getting something small done right now. Bonus points if this is something you have been avoiding doing. This will kick-start you for the day and give a sense of accomplishment right off the bat.

4. Make your to-do list. Everything you need or want to get done this week. I write mine on actual paper. I’m old school like that.

5. Star the items that need to get done today. Make this realistic, you’re not going to knock off everything today and cruise through the rest of the week with a  glow of accomplishment. Also, check your meeting schedule for the day, and adjust your starred expectations accordingly.

6. Repeat after me, “Starred items don’t happen tomorrow. Only today.” Because bad things happen when starred items don’t get done today.

7. Now, which of your starred items requires the most brainpower? Do that first when you are fresh and caffeinated.

8. Save any low brain-power or routine tasks for that low time in the afternoon when you wish you were sitting in a hammock drinking a margarita.

9. Check off items as you finish them. Feels good doesn’t it?

10. Go home with a satisfied grin on your face.

Rinse and repeat the rest of the week. Those super productive days don’t have to be once in a blue moon. Why? Because you are awesome.

About Monday Matters: Monday morning is a great time to think about some big picture strategy. You’re hopefully rested from the weekend and ready to come out swinging. Don’t waste this glorious freshness on your in-box. Before you get into your tactical to-do list for the week, take this moment to pause and think about strategy. I will post a thought to get you started each Monday.

Photo via Flickr Commons, by Sean MacEntee