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Marketing on the Flywheel: A new podcast for all your marketing needs

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We live in an increasingly digital world where remote work, flexible schedules and nomad lifestyles have become the norm. An overwhelming amount of people today no longer hold “normal” business hours; they’re consuming content, making purchases and getting valuable industry information from several different sources across the web 24/7. Technology will only continue to shift our lives and, more specifically, shift the way we communicate and sell. This is where asynchronous selling steals the spotlight. 


What is asynchronous selling?

Asynchronous selling happens when not everyone is present or active at the same time, and you likely use this form of communication all the time without even thinking of it as such. These meetingless interactions allow the seller to share content with the buyer via email along with a request for comments. The buyer can then review the content at their most convenient time. 

In short, asynchronous selling takes remote communication to the next level. An excellent real-life example would be a sales rep recording an offline video in which they walk their prospect through a proposal while using screen-share. Instead of working around various schedules, the rep can effectively communicate with and move the prospect along the sales journey. 


The many benefits of asynchronous selling

Content Matterz Founder and CEO Cara McDonald and her co-host Mandy Thompson of Digital Reach created a new podcast series, Marketing on the Fly[wheel], to help marketing professionals (like you!) in the trenches navigate all the new ideas, new data, new tools and overall workload getting hurled at teams every day.

We couldn’t just stop at one podcast episode highlighting the importance of asynchronous selling; we had to do a two-part series to fully dive into what asynchronous selling is and the many ways your team can benefit from it.

In our first episode, Why you need to be thinking about asynchronous selling, we dive right into the struggle sales teams face with buyers who would rather be left alone in the sales process yet also don't have all the information they need to do that effectively. Along with our guests Daniel Huang and Kyle Jepson of Hubspot, we cover the various ways asynchronous buying and selling is turning what we know upside down. 



In our second episode, Asynchronous selling - educating your prospect through the funnel, we discuss the difficult task of helping prospects experience your product before buying, particularly during the “free trial” period where prospects so often fall off the radar entirely. Along with our guests, Sundeep Patel and Sean Adams of iorad, we break down how sales teams can give prospects what they need while keeping them engaged in the product and moving toward the big purchase. 




Stay ahead of the curve

Keep your finger on the pulse of marketing by listening to our weekly podcast series where we’ll tackle tough topics and introduce you to marketing rockstars who want to make your life a little–or a lot– easier. 

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