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Marketing jobs are on fire and here’s why.

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Employment during this global pandemic has been anything but normal. When the pandemic first started, unemployment spiked as companies scrambled to adjust to stay-home orders, office closures, and remote work. The marketing industry, like many others, felt the pains of the pandemic, but in the end, came out on top, with job losses reported at 8.2% and job gains reported at  9.1%, making for a positive net job change of 0.9%. 

Fast-forward to 2021 and the Great Resignation. Workers are leaving their jobs for numerous reasons, including higher pay, growth opportunities, more work-life balance (to name a few), and companies everywhere are scrambling to find people to fill open positions. You may even be feeling this pinch in your marketing department. Interestingly enough, marketing positions are one of the higher in-demand vacancies employers are trying to fill right now. The reason? A recent shift in consumer expectations stemming from the global pandemic has opened business leaders’ eyes to something many of us already know: marketing is important. 

A cry for [marketing] help

Historically, when the economy shows signs of struggle, marketing spending is the first to be cut, which means marketing jobs are some of the first to go. During the Great Recession of 2007-2009, for example, ad spending in the U.S. dropped by 13%! However, the immediate savings from cutting spending had long-term negative effects.

The lesson that came from the Great Recession is that there is a cost to going dark and not advertising:

“In 2008, Millward Brown shared evidence that 60% of the brands that went ‘dark’ during an economic downturn (no TV ad spend for 6 months) saw ‘brand use’ decrease 24% and ‘brand image’ decrease 28%. Brands that cut their ad budget at a higher rate relative to their competitors were at a greater risk of share loss.”

This is a big opportunity for competitors who are willing to continue to invest in marketing and promote their message. 

Smart organizations have learned from these marketing mistakes, and are continuing to promote their brands, use marketing to enhance the customer experience, and spread their message during this pandemic (and beyond). This can be felt in the demand for marketing professionals, and the growth of available marketing positions. 

According to a LinkedIn Report on Marketing Jobs:

  • The number of marketing jobs posted to LinkedIn has grown 63% in the past 6 months.
  • A total of 341,000 marketing jobs were posted to LinkedIn in the last year.
  • 50% of the top 10 marketing jobs posted on LinkedIn are in the digital or media space.

For those in the marketing industry looking for a change, or anyone starting out in this field, the opportunities are plentiful. 

The growth of marketing in 2020 and beyond

Marketing strategyIt’s safe to say that the global pandemic has been eye-opening to all of us. The way we live, work, and even interact with others has forever changed.

Customers are looking for and expecting more out organizations across the board. This goes beyond just good customer service to actually create more of a personal connection with brands.

These stats really drive this message home:

This is where marketing plays a role. For an organization to truly connect with their customers, they need experts who can craft messages and create experiences (digital or otherwise) that are relatable and leave a lasting, positive impression.

Hope for war-weary marketers

The growth of marketing during this pandemic is terrific news for all of us in the field. However, it has also meant beyond-full workloads as teams scramble to keep up with marketing demands and attempt to find much-needed help. But there’s a glimmer of light and a way to alleviate this burden. By bringing in outside help, such as a marketing agency, you can redistribute the workload, relieve stress, and give team members a break.

If you find yourself needing outside assistance, that’s our expertise! At Content Matterz, we support a wide array of marketing teams in completing marketing programs and more. Contact us today to learn more and for a consultation.