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Why you should have an Instagram for Business Profile

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Instagram can be an incredible marketing tool if you know how to use it strategically. Unlock the potential of this platform by switching to an Instagram for Business account. With features like analytics, advertising, and expanded contact and action options, and more, an Instagram Business profile sets you up for better engagement on the app.


Benefits of a business profile on Instagram


1. Look Legit

Social users are extremely savvy these days and they’ll notice right away if a profile doesn’t look legit. Having a Business profile is an immediate visual cue to Instagram users that you are a trustworthy, professional account.


2. Access to Analytics

Probably the biggest perk of switching from a Personal profile to a Business profile on Instagram is the analytics you unlock. If you switch from a Personal account, you’ll see insights for any content you post after making the switch. If you switch back at any point, you’ll lose all your analytics data, so stick around!

We could write a whole post about how to utilize your Instagram insights (think we should? Drop us a line!) But for now, we’ll just tell you this: you’ll get insight into account reach, content interaction, audience demographics, and so much more. This data is enormously helpful when determining what type of content is working well, and what’s not. The metrics provided are also in real time, so you can see how things are going and adapt in the moment to improve performance.

detailed insights and analytics with an Instagram Business profile: account reach, content interactions, and audience demographics

Instagram launched a Professional Dashboard in February 2021 so users can access these features in one central hub. It feels like the beginning of a pretty handy dashboard, so we expect to see more updates throughout the year.

Professional Dashboard for Business profiles in Instagram: access analytics, business tools, and tips


3. Contact & Action Options

This may seem like a small thing, but it’s actually pretty huge. Personal profiles on Instagram have very few opportunities for connection – really just communication within the app, and the singular URL in bio. Compare that to a Business profile, and you have significantly increased your potential for converting followers to customers.

You’ll have the option to add a “Contact” button in your profile, which can include an email address and/or phone number. This makes it so much easier for followers to get in touch outside the app.

Profile details like category, contact options, and action buttons to your Instagram Business profile

You can also add Action buttons, like Order Food, Book Now, or Reserve. These integrate with websites you already use and are fantastic for small businesses.

Action buttons are available with an Instagram Business Profile


4. Create Ads

If you’re familiar with Facebook ads, you’ll be ready to roll with Instagram, since they use the same powerful tools for advertising. If you’re newer to paid social advertising, here’s what you should know: if you want to get discovered, you’re going to have to cut through the noise of over 1 billion other users. To do that, you’ll probably need to run some paid ad campaigns.

You can also simply promote your posts within the app (again, similar to how you’d “boost” a post on Facebook), thereby creating an ad campaign from content you’ve already shared. Promoting a post is super easy – Instagram even calls out your post with the highest engagement. And since you’ve already posted the content, you have the benefit of analytics to help you determine which post would be the best promotion opportunity.


5. Shopping & Checkout

Instagram users can now shop directly from the platform. And given that 84% of people say they want to discover new products on Instagram, and over 1 Billion people use Instagram every month, this feature has major potential to boost your revenue. You can turn photos into shoppable posts by tagging products and creating a designated tab on your profile where users can shop your product and buy in-app.

Instagram Business account: add products, users can shop and purchase directly in the app


6. Quick Replies

Keep your message consistent and save time with quick replies. You can create automatic responses to answer your more frequently asked questions, comments, or praise! With Quick Replies, you can respond in just one click. A fast response time will help you build brand loyalty and community within the app.


How to Switch

How to switch to business Instagram accountStep 1: Go to your settings and into the account section.

Step 2: Scroll to the bottom and tap “Switch to Professional Account” in blue writing.

Step 3: Choose a Business profile.

Step 4: Connect to your business Facebook Page. Note: you must have admin access to connect these two pages.

That’s it! Now you’re ready to start taking advantage of all the new features Instagram has to offer.

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