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How to repurpose content: Part 2

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You’ve struck marketing gold – you created a piece of content that is killing it in SEO, bringing in prospects and making you the star of the marketing and sales team. So, now what? You could ride on the coattails of this amazing piece…but you’re better than that. Now is the time to seize the moment! Repurpose this content into a whole suite of marketing collateral to be used in creative ways to continue to build on those epic results.

In previous posts, we have discussed the benefits of content repurposing and how to go about choosing which marketing piece to repurpose. Now that you have the knowledge and the power, er piece, it’s time to turn it into even more great marketing content. We’ve used our expertise to compile a list of ways to repurpose your marketing gold.

Seven ways to repurpose marketing content

#1. Turn chapters into smaller eBooks

This method is extremely efficient for eBooks and whitepapers. Take those long-form pieces and break them into smaller, bite-sized chunks. Separate out chapters of your eBook, or sections of your whitepaper, and serve them up as smaller individual eBooks to their appropriate audience. This allows you to really zero in on your target persona. Make sure to update your call to action for each new eBook to ensure it’s moving prospects (and customers) through to the next stage of the buyer’s journey.

#2. Harness the power of email

Let’s face it. As much as we like to complain about our inboxes, email is still a very effective way to reach your target audience, and its use is growing (to 4.6 billion users by 2025 to be exact). Use topics from your original eBook or whitepaper to create Short, focused content that offers a solution or aids the recipients with an issue.

#3. Start writing those blog posts

Repurpose eBooks and whitepapers into blog postsThey may have been around for a while now, but blogs still have influence on consumers. Why? Blog posts give you an opportunity to dive deep into a single topic and provide more detailed information and data a prospect or customer may be needing to make that final decision. This is an excellent opportunity to further educate your customer on a topic that may have only received brief mention in your whitepaper or eBook. Your CTA? To download your original content offer!

#4. Create a slide desk

A slide deck is another way to tell your story or focus in on a specific topic. It can be used both internally or externally and is an excellent opportunity to give a helpful overview of your eBook or Whitepaper and make sure to include clickable calls to action and links to relevant blogs or landing pages throughout your presentation. You can also include these in the presentation notes. Then lead people to your eBook or white paper at the end. 

#5. Put it on camera

Now that you have a slide deck (see above), you can turn it into a video presentation! With so many events going online, this is an excellent opportunity to put yourself out there and find a new avenue to connect with your customer and prospects. Even if you don’t have a live event to present at, you can record yourself giving the presentation and make it available on your website (or gated behind an email sign up!).

#6. Host a webinar

The pandemic has brought webinars to the forefront, so why not offer one to promote your great piece of content? Creating an email campaign promoting your webinar is a great way to capture new leads and their contact information. Feel like attendance was a little low? Not to worry, send out an email to all who registered with a link to watch the recorded session. Also include your original content offer in the notes or at the end of the video so viewers can take the whitepaper or eBook with them after watching.

#7: Work it into social media posts

Use social media to promote your marketing contentNow it’s time to be creative and have a little fun! Remember all those great stats you had in your eBook or Whitepaper? Turn those eye-catching visuals for Instagram or attention-grabbers on Twitter. That video you just recorded? Take your favorite snippets and share those around on LinkedIn. Use hashtags to increase your reach and don’t forget to monitor shares and retweet.

Now that you have a little inspiration, it’s time to get started repurposing content! Need a little more guidance? That’s what we’re here for! We’ll use our expertise to get your content working for you!