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How to ensure your virtual SKO is leaving a (good) lasting impression

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Sales Kick Offs (SKOs) are getting a bit of a makeover this year, as many are going to be virtual. Taking what is normally an exciting, in-person event online adds an interesting twist for marketing and event teams who are working hard to make it memorable and energizing for the sales team and organization leaders.

When making the leap from in-person to online, good content plays an important role on making your event a success.

Content makes all the difference

Whether you are just in the planning phases for your SKO or it’s right around the corner, it is important to review your content and make sure it will be compelling in an online environment. Here are four key factors to keep in mind for online success:

  1. Create engaging content that supports your goal – An SKO sets the tone for the sales team for the entire year. This means your event content needs to not only be educational, but also inspirational, and leave a lasting impression. With most SKO’s being virtual this year, having shorter sessions that quickly get to the main points is key. However, you need to think beyond just the SKO and ensure your salespeople have useful, tangible materials they can reference all year long. We suggest creating a mix of in-depth training resources, easy-to-reference one-sheeters, workbooks, and inspirational case studies and client stories. Offering both internal and external assets will reaffirm and support the goals set by organization leaders.

Food for thought: According to a Harvard Business Review article, “participants in traditional curriculum-based training forget more than 80 percent of the information they were taught within 90 days.”

  1. Tailor your scripts to an online audience – A good presenter plays off of the audience’s reactions to their presentation. They can adjust their delivery and sometimes even their script based on crowd feedback. Some presenters even pull in audience members to make their talks more interactive. For an online event, reading the crowd takes on a whole new meaning. When reviewing scripts for your presenters, read them out loud to make sure they make sense for an online audience. In addition ensure PowerPoint presentations have minimal text and include interesting images and video. Incorporating online polls, Q&A and chat boxes will also help increase audience attention and engagement.

Want more presentation tips? Check out the article: Best Practices For Virtual Presentations: 15 Expert Tips That Work For Everyone.

  1. Break-out baby – To avoid the dreaded afternoon slump, keep your attendees engaged. SKO meetings often include group problem-solving sessions. One of Zoom’s most useful features is the break-out rooms. Hosts can sort members into smaller groups where they can discuss. Your attendees rave about the chance to engage in these smaller groups and get to know one another working through a problem together.

Learn more about how to use breakout rooms here.

  1. Above all, have fun! – An in-person event makes it a bit easier to infuse work and play through happy hours, dinner events, and team-building activities. With a virtual SKO, including fun, interactive (non-work related) activities is even more essential. Include interactive activities between speakers, such as polls or games and offer prizes to drive more interest. Having a post-event, online happy hour can also add an element of casual fun, and give team members a chance to socialize and get to know each other better. Prior to the event, generate excitement by sending a gift to each participant that fits the theme of your SKO.

SKO swag doesn’t have to be tshirts and hats. Here are some fun ideas to get you started.

All the factors to make a great virtual SKO

The right mix of education, inspiration and fun will help drive the overall goals of the event and keep salespeople motivated throughout the year. Need help with your SKO content? Our team has the experience and expertise to create the materials you need to make your event a success.