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How big is content marketing in 2016? BIG. [Infographic]

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Where are companies nationwide putting their marketing budget dollars this year? Content. With  more than 50% expecting to increase their budgets for content in the next 12 months, we can expect to see the trend hold well into the future.

Why is content marketing so popular? Because, unlike a flashy new social media platform or subject line trick to get people to open your emails (emojis anyone?), content marketing is truly effective. It demonstrates your subject matter expertise in a way that no amount of advertising or promotion can do, which builds trust.

I love this quote from Paul Mandeville in a recent Marketing Profs article, “Customer Experience Must Be At the Heart of Your Agile Marketing“:

“A customer that feels valued beyond his or her wallet is a customer more likely to respond to your next message or offer.”

Paul is absolutely right, we cannot trick consumers into thinking we care about them with some clever copywriting. We have to demonstrate we understand them and give them information that makes their interactions with us worthwhile. Once you’ve given them something worthwhile, they’ll be more likely to buy.

So now let’s see just how big content marketing is going to be in the coming year. Big props to Writing Experts for this excellent infographic that lays it all out so nicely.

content marketing spending budget infographic


Heading photo by Marco Verch via Flickr Commons