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Copywriter vs. content marketing agency - Here’s the difference...

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Both are responsible for helping you write and create top notch content to fit your project needs…

But what is the difference?

Copywriters produce marketing and promotional materials at the request of people and businesses. They are masters of content creation and work to create copy in all sorts of mediums to fit their project goals.

Content marketing agencies do the same, but their job expands far beyond this. Rather than just writing the content they are responsible for the whole creation process and can help design and ensure alignment within your business’s content strategy.

Both are great and will provide you with quality content, but with a content marketing agency you get so much more.


The added perks of choosing a content marketing agency:

  1. Professionals with business understanding

When you make the decision to work with a content marketing agency, you are working with another business. We work with lots of clients all with different needs addressing various challenges everyday. This means not only do we understand some of the ins and outs of the business, but we are experts in writing for businesses and reaching audiences in the most effective way.

 2. Specialized

A content marketing agency fills a unique niche in the market. Most often these agencies have teams of writers, meaning there can be specialization of subject, industry, and content type. Rather than one person trying to do it all, you will have people of varying experience levels and expertise so that the writer working with you is the best fit.

3. Flexible

All of this lends itself to a high degree of flexibility. If you need a project done right away, an agency has the manpower and ability to bend and align with your priorities. It also means that they have the people to focus on your project fully, while other clients are afforded the same privilege simultaneously. You can choose how many projects you need done and when you want them completed by, knowing that they have the agency to make it happen.

4. Wholistic

When a content marketing agency is involved, they can ensure that all content fits into the overall marketing strategy. In fact, they can actually help to create this strategy if that is something you need. With agencies you get a more holistic approach to content marketing- they can handle everything from digging up reputable evidence to helping you create full blown campaigns efforts.

5. Streamlined and consistent

Consistency is key when it comes to branding and messaging. It needs to align with how the company presents itself and follow it’s voice. Every piece of content and tactic employed needs to be working in its intended way, towards the projected goal. With a content marketing agency involved, they can either write and review everything for consistency. It becomes possible to streamline everything to present consistent, on-brand content.

6. Positioned for long-term success

A content marketing agency is positioned for long term success. They are unique in that you can develop a more in depth relationship. Rather than a content piece here and there they can run entire campaigns, manage your editorial calendar, and fully embed into your company’s content strategy. This importance of this is apparent in this statistic from Hubspot,

47% of buyers viewed 3-5 pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep.”

But what does it really come down to? Cost.

All of these factors contribute to a content marketing agencies unique ability to bring you quality content at a low cost for both the present and foreseeable future. While all of these points above contribute to cost reduction in one way or another, this article from marketveep brings to light another important point:

“Creating content can take time and acquiring all the necessary software to track a content strategy can get expensive. By working with a content marketing agency, businesses can outsource the effort and reduce costs.”

Copywriters and content marketing agencies are both going to be able to provide top of the line content, that perfectly and professionally aligns with your project needs. However, where they start to differ is in what else they can do for you. A content marketing agency can go the extra mile and not only elevate your content, but your entire approach and strategy.