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Copywriter or Agency: Finding the right fit for your content strategy

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As content writers, we are charged with finding an idea that is not only creative but drives an exciting concept that audiences will find valuable. And then, when we’ve got the perfect idea, it’s time to puzzle together some words that make the vision pop.

When it comes to content marketing, tack on the fact that those words should be on-brand and SEO-savvy. So not only do you need dynamic writers, you need writers that know how to build optimized content that moves the needle.

But, hey, there are professionals out there who know how to craft sensational content. The task is figuring out how to integrate those writers into your team. Are you ready to recruit an in-house copywriter? Or does it fit into your content strategy to check out agency services? Here are some pros and cons of both options.

In-house copywriter

Copywriters are the first line of defense when creating content for your business. But before you start scouring LinkedIn for candidates, consider this:

You get to pick your team. I’m not saying this is a Red Rover scenario (or am I?), but businesses can bring someone on board who fits company culture and work style, and (bonus!) has experience with your industry or vertical.

Brand exclusivity. An in-house writer has the unique ability to immerse themselves in your brand. Because they're already on your team, they're able to craft content that resonates with your audience and only your audience.

Full-time employees can be costly. Between benefits and bonuses, it can be expensive to hire a full-time employee. If they don’t work well with the rest of your team, they could end up costing productivity and missed deadlines. Not to mention the overhead in providing devices, a workspace, and other tools of the trade.

Content marketing agency

The buzz surrounding content marketing agencies is real. (I mean, who wouldn’t want a whole team in your back pocket for a fraction of the cost of an FTE.) But if you want to understand the hype, here’s why:

Build a brand with fresh eyes. A good agency understands how to create fresh, engaging content that helps grow your audience and build brand loyalty. They will strategize with you to develop a consistent voice and tone across all channels. As a bonus, you can lean on their expert copywriters to get some of that word-wrangling magic.

Give time back to yourself and your team. It takes time to craft the kind of content that can attract new customers, generate leads, and increase sales. Hiring an experienced agency can save you time by developing high-quality content at scale.

Instant industry experience. Many considerations drive great content — from finding an audience (or multiple audiences) to understanding their needs, wants, and pain points. Then there’s drafting compelling messaging that speaks directly to those needs, creating valuable visual assets, and knowing how to drive traffic through paid advertising or organic social media sharing.

Yeah, it’s a lot!

An experienced agency has dealt with these challenges before; they should know what works best for your business, your industry, and your budget.

Focus on growing your business. Once an agency is brought on board, you can focus efforts on running your business while they develop effective, revenue-generating content. You may also find that some agencies (like ours!)  have many more offerings that go far beyond just copy, allowing them to get creative with your brand story on various platforms.

Pricing strategies are market-based. A full-service content marketing agency generally charges per hour or cost per project — and there's no guarantee that those costs will go down as your business grows. So, as with an in-house copywriter, there are some financial considerations at play.

In the end, the decision lies within your needs and overarching goals as a business. Define what you hope to get from an agency or copywriter, and, together, build a content marketing strategy that delivers.

Content Matterz can help you reach those goals with solutions that delight, engage, and inspire. Contact us for a strategy session today.