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Content that dominated B2B SaaS marketing in 2022

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Big data, social media and custom content. Oh my!

Successful content marketing means two things: immediacy and customization. People want something specifically tailored to what they are looking for or interested in, and they want it now. SaaS audiences want to be engaged with marketing materials and feel like they speak directly to their pain points. Easy, right?

Actually, it can be easy. With so many ways to leverage good content, some assets are proving to be more successful than others. Let’s take a look at content marketing assets that took off in 2022.

Not your average infographic

Animated infographics are created using the same basic principles as static infographics: They use text, images and data visualization techniques to communicate information effectively. However, because animated infographics are delivered in video format, they can also include motion graphics techniques such as transitions and animations.

The benefits of animated infographics

  •  In this viral market, sharing is caring. Simply put, they are fun and interesting to read, making animated infographics more distributable than static ones. People love sharing them on social media, so they're great for building brand awareness and driving traffic.
  • Hello, effective sales enablement assets. Animated infographics can be used for webinars or sales presentations to educate customers about different aspects of your SaaS product. Create an animated infographic to explain the value of your product, then send it out as part of your sales process.
  • Do it for the views. Suppose you have an explainer video that's not generating enough views. In that case, try repurposing it into an animated infographic, which can garner more eyes from people who prefer to read and engage with content, rather than watch it.
  • Designed to be easy on the eyes (and the brain.) Animated infographics are easier to digest than long-form blog posts or documents with lots of text and images. This makes them great tools for exchanging information about new SaaS features or explaining how it works without having to read through pages (and pages) of content.

eBooks that move (no, seriously)

Interactive eBooks are essentially digital versions of print books. They include the same nuggets as print books: text, images, infographics — anything that helps compellingly tell your story. But they also have an interactive element that immerses the audience in your message. You can use this feature to guide readers through concepts or step-by-step processes (or really, any topic you want to cover).


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The benefits of eBooks

  • Forge stronger connections. Readers feel more connected to your brand when they have the option to interact with it. The more ways they have to engage, the more likely they are to share the experience with their professional circle.
  • Catapult SEO rankings upwards. Interactive content is better at engaging visitors than static content because it's more likely to be shared on the all-powerful socials. This drives traffic back to your website, improving SEO rankings in the process.
  • Drive clicks and conversions. Because dynamic, interactive content is more engaging than static content, users are more likely to take action once they've finished reading — whether that's making a purchase or filling out an email form on your website.

Joie de video!

Honestly, animated videos are just cool. They offer an engaging, dynamic user experience, giving them the power to attract and engage your audience like no other medium.

What makes animated videos click with audiences? In our experience, if you're trying to explain a complicated concept, an animated video can break it down into bite-sized bits of information that are easier to digest. Or if you want to show off your SaaS in action, animated videos give you the flexibility to do that with ease.


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The benefits of animated videos

  • Simplify complex concepts. Because animation is so versatile, it can be used to illustrate just about anything – from B2B ideas to SaaS processes and procedures. This makes it much easier for customers to understand complex topics versus simply using text or images alone.
  • Make messages more memorable. Animated videos tend to leave a lasting impression on viewers, which can increase their likelihood of sharing your content with their colleagues.
  • Leverage adaptability and versatility. Videos can be made to suit any length or format, from short-form demo videos to long-form explainer series that follow an ongoing arc.
  • Use personalization to spotlight pain points. You can use animated characters to represent real people in your business or create them from scratch to tell stories about how your product or service works and how it works to help them solve a problem.

While we don’t have a content crystal ball to predict what will be successful in the future — especially in the ever-evolving SaaS industry — we do know this much: companies who put in the time and effort to publish original, high-quality content are seeing results.

If you need assistance with your marketing efforts, or just a strategy refresh, remember that there are plenty of ways to leverage and repurpose powerful content. Or, hey, you could even get help from some experts.

Did someone say experts in content strategy? We know them because we are them. Plan for a successful year ahead and reach out today.