Amber Maechler

The essential marketing tools ‘starter pack’

As a professional in a marketing role, you are often asked to be the jack-of-all-marketing-trades. From writing content to executing design and delivering the finished product to the right target market, it’s your job to make your CEO’s marketing dreams come true. Oh, and can you please do that quickly, beautifully, and on budget, too? Of course, you can! But only if you change your mindset.

No marketing professional should aim to be a jack-of-all-trades. Instead, you should become a jack-of-all-resources. That’s because if you know how to allocate resources efficiently and effectively, the work that needs to be done (and that would otherwise fall solely on your plate) gets lighter, moves faster, and is executed more professionally. The challenge is, it’s only when you’re equipped with the right tools and team that you can make real, measurable progress toward your marketing goals.