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Account based marketing - what it is and should you be doing it?

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First thing’s first- what even is account based marketing? 


Account Based Marketing, or ABM For Short


ABM is a highly targeted form of marketing which focuses on marketing directly to an individual or account. Rather than aiming campaigns at an industry, persona, or topic as a whole the content, events, and tactics of a campaign are all directed at that one specific account. 


And there is no time to waste on creating this extremely personalized business strategy… in fact according to this article, “92% of B2B marketers worldwide say that ABM is”extremely” or ”very” important to their overall marketing efforts”. 

So…Why Account Based Marketing?

1. Personal and Optimized


According to this Marketo article, “75% of customers say they prefer personalized offers”. One of the greatest benefits of ABM is the personalization. Rather than a general marketing message, you can focus every individual effort on the target account, directly addressing their needs and goals, which is always going to be more effective.


      2. Clearer ROI


ABM programs are prone to seeing higher return on investment according to a survey done by Marketo, “97% said ABM had a somewhat higher or much higher ROI than other marketing initiatives”. It has been shown that it can have the highest ROI of any investment, and it is easy to see exactly what the impact is attributed to when the account has their own personal campaign. 


      3. Uses Less Time and Resources


When implementing an account based marketing campaign, you are ultimately going to be using a lot less time and resources. With ABM, you are able to concentrate your time and resources all on one account, rather than spreading it out across multiple accounts. 


     4. Easier on Sales


As a marketer generating leads is a big part of the job. However, when these leads don’t pan out for sales it can feel like a bit of a waste of time. With ABM, the leads generated are all within one account, that has seen a lot more interaction and is therefore warmer. 


      5. Strengthen Client Relationships


ABM tactics are important as they are incredibly personalized, and can make clients feel special. This creates a much stronger relationship between the marketer and client, as well as the sales rep and client, versus more general efforts. 


     6. Align Sales and Marketing Teams


Often times it can be difficult to align sales and marketing teams, but ABM makes this easier than ever. ABM marketing uses many of the same tactics as the sales team- they are thinking in terms of the account, and  how they can specifically target and create opportunities through it. 


      7. Easier to Track


Attributing different success metrics is much clearer when ABM tactics are employed. Tracking the results of a campaign is much easier when you have a small volume of accounts, because you don’t have to go through mounds of data and accounts. ABM can help paint a clear picture of your marketing efforts. 


Well, What is The Downside?


One criticism of account based marketing is that it is usually associated with a high cost. However, the current state of marketing technology has actually reduced this cost monumentally.


Time to Get Started


Are you still confused or unconvinced? Learn more about account based marketing and its benefits in this great article from Hubspot. Account based marketing is easier and more effective than ever, now is the time to get started!


Still not sure where to start? We can help- at Content Matterz we have experience helping organizations, like yours, market in the ways that work best for them, including account based marketing efforts!